Hiring Made Easy as PIE

Have you ever felt that there ought to be a more effective, yet straight forward approach to hiring the right person, the right way, for the right job? Hiring best-fit employees is a critical task, but it doesn’t need to be daunting or complex.

In this how-to guide for hiring, Dr. Alonzo Johnson presents his perspective on best-fit hiring using PIE as an acronym—Prepare, Interview and Evaluate. This straight forward approach is based on his extensive research on hiring practices and years of hiring experience in the business world. He has synthesized his knowledge into essential learnings for anyone who needs to hire someone.

Dr. Johnson’s hiring approach is easily learned and applied as an effective and structured process. Hiring Made Easy as PIE offers three options for learning to use his approach: (1) Read the book from cover to cover, (2) read only the part that you need to enhance your knowledge, or (3) review any part of it as a reference. Sample interview questions, ready-to-use forms and other hiring tools are also included throughout the book.


Hiring Made Easy as PIE is intended for anyone who needs to hire someone to fill aposition in the workplace. It is especially useful for those with have hiring responsibilities but limited HR support. Accordingly, it provides readers with an easy-to-understand approach to hiring that will also help those with limited hiring skills to fulfill their critical hiring role.

Praise for Hiring Made Easy as PIE

  • Hiring Made Easy as PIE is a great book for a small business owner like me. I am going through rounds of hiring right now and don’t have an HR manager. This book answered questions that I had and taught me things that I hadn’t even thought about before entering the interviewing and hiring process. I highly recommend it for leaders who have to do most of their own hiring.”
    Joe DeSensi, EdD
    President and Co-Founder of Informatics Direct, Professor of Leadership Studies, Webster University and Spalding University
  • “If you think hiring the right person is hard work, then Alonzo Johnson’s Hiring Made Easy as PIE should be at the top of your reading list. Whether you hire one person a year or an entire team of employees each month, Johnson’s book gives practical, step-by-step instructions on how to select the person who will best fit with your organization. It’s a fun and easy read . . . as easy as PIE!”
    Cathy Fyock, CSP, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
    Author of The Truth About Hiring the Best, Hiring Source Book, and Get the Best.
  • “A recipe for success—Alonzo Johnson’s Hiring Made Easy as PIE is a must-have for the manager engaged in any phase of the hiring process. This book takes the critical task of hiring your most important resource and breaks it down into an understandable and workable plan. Alonzo’s insights and real-world scenarios provide answers and direction for all of us involved in strengthening our organizations with great employees.”
    Michael Goldberg
    Former Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Fortune 500 Organization
  • “I have been involved in helping organizations hire right for over 30 years and can honestly say Dr. Johnson’s book is the most practical and easy to use resource I’ve found. He writes in an easy-to-read combination of stories and step-by-step checklists that cut to the chase. If you want to increase your probability of hiring the best-fit employee the first time, read this book. This is the book on the topic. I highly recommend it.”
    Henry L. Thompson, PhD
    President & CEO, High Performing Systems, Inc.

Hiring Made Easy as PIE COMPANON Interview Job Aid

Hiring Made Easy as PIE will live up to its title’s promise and explain everything in plain English—but you can’t as easily bring the book to an interview. The Companion Job Aid solves that problem.

This professionally-finished folding card presents key hiring principles and guidelines from the book, but in a condensed and simplified format. It also features a sliding, double-sided reference card that provides examples of appropriate and inappropriate questions that can be used to guide the interview.

With this Hiring Made Easy as PIE and the Companion Interview Job Aid as your guide, hiring can be Easy as PIE.